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What is Lean?

It was May 2015 when I decided to give me an answer to one of the tough question in the

industry ... What is Lean?

I put this question in Google and I found very important sites but the answer I really was looking for and in a "boring" format.

So, I dediced to start this section in order to collect for you the best material I could find on the WEB enriched with my personal opinion and real experiences from the staff.


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Many of us think that Lean is only 5S, Pull, Kanban or One Piece Flow. If we think this we are missing something. If you will read this section carefully you will save a lot of time surfing on the internet because I will collect for you the best resources to understand What is Lean.

You will discover the best practice to effective and efficient in "Lean Implementation" and you will be able to save time and money for you and your company. An effective Lean Management could boost your carrer, too. 

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How Many Minutes do you have?

   A) 5 - 10 minutes --> Read just the beggining of the following sections (Pictures and Videos)

   B) 10 - 30 minutes --> Go into details reading articles and best post from the web

   C) More than 30 min --> Look at the suggested books and download Lean Manufacturing PDF 

So, to find the answer to the question "What is Lean", you will have multiples entry points.

These sections will be constantly updated to be sure to give you the best resources. To be updated I will suggest to subscribe the LeanLab newsletter. (1 or 2 every month - do not worry about SPAM we hate is as you hate)

Well, now is time to start with the first section: What is Lean - Definitions