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Lean Manufacturing Best Books

Lean Manufacturing Books

If you search in Amazon with keywords "Lean Manufaturing" you will find plenty of books.

How to select the best books to read in order to have some pratical and real tool to use in your company?

We selected for you the books that are the best balance between theoretical and pratical aspetcs of Lean Thinking and Lean Manufacturing.

Value Stream Map

The only book you have to buy (and read) to deeply understand why and how use the Value Stream Map.

Understand the "Flow"

In this book you will find the theory and the pratical aspects to let flow material, information and people.

It's time to practice with "Takt Time" calculation

Doing the exercises proposed in this book you will never forget how to calculate Takt Time (the base of Lean).

Do not leave company without materials (or too much)

Every part of the company needs materials to work. In this book all the concepts and tips to have the right amount of material you need.

Reduce demand amplification and become "Pull"

In this book you will find how to work control the flow and move and produce only what you need.

KANBAN - Let's practice again

Once the theory is clear, do some exercise to fix how to calculate the right number of KANBAN between upstream and downstream. It works everywhere in the Supply Chain.

A Novel to Read to understand Lean Philosophy

The story of a Lean Manager