Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

Why Lean?

Why Lean Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing is a part of the Lean Thinking. Lean Thinking is a way to improve your business with the complete satisfaction of customers and your own employees.


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Other approaches normally base the main pillar on the cost cut. Normally, focusing only on the costs brings to poor products, unsatisfied customers and unmotivated workers. The Lean Thinking is based on the waste reduction that leads to improve Quality, Speed and Results. The beneficial effect is also to cut costs.

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Another pillar of the Lean Thinking is to define and increase the "Value" and lets People, Material and Information flows.
To obtain this goal a never ending process, named continuos improvement, has to be carried out in an iterative way.
Every step in the process has to be "pulled" from the customer (external and internal). This help to reduce wastes.
Then, everything has to be made when the customer want in the way he want and with the quality he wants.

The first step to indentifiy value is the "5S Method" >

Lean Manufacturing - How and When 

Finally, it is important to understand how the Lean Thinking is a good way to earn money, stay on the market and survive in crisis time.

How can Lean help companies >

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A couple of examples to better understand the benefits od using Lean Manufacturing approach

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