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When should we start with Lean ?

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One of the capital questions when a company decides to apply lean is if now is the best time to start.

When this questions arise, there are some people that say “let´s start now, because there is a big volumen of work, and therefore we can reduce the cost and the production lead time”, while others think that is better to wait for a future period when the volumen will be lower and therefore they will have time to define a better working process.

Who is right?

This discussion reminds me a story of a man that couldn´t stop to refill petrol in his car because he was in a hurry, but the deposit was almost empty and the warning light was on.

Sometimes this happens in different companies, as we don´t see the main problem, because we have many different problems.

As Henry Ford explained: “ Thinking is the most difficult work in the world, that´s why only few people do it ”

There is a story about a group of woodcutters that were cutting trees in the forest. Then the guide went to the top of one tree, to see where do they were and he realized that they were in the wrong forest.

When he asked to the group to stop cutting as they were in the wrong place, they answered him they couldn´t stop because they had a lot of work to do.

It sounds familiar for you?

It happens everywhere and is due to the fact that every single person is focused just in his working area, nothing else, instead than see the whole picture.

So is mandatory that responsible people or the big boss take the definitive decision, because as longer we wait to take the decission to change then more money we are wasting and more problems will come.

Is not easy but it must be done.

Remember: “If your company has problems, this doesn´t mean that can even get worst”. Peter Lynch.


Luis Perona

Lean Manufacturing Plus
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