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Value Stream Map

Value Stream Map

Value stream mapping is a lean management principle, used to analyze and design the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to a consumer.

This map has to be considered the blueprint of "the best in class manufacturing" you want to build.

It is important, prior to start with VSM, to define the Products Family.

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There is a quite standard method to draw a value stream map and there is a rigourous path to follow to be efficient in doing it.
The value stream map is a useful tool because:
You can see the flow
You can speak a unique language worldwide (easy to understand)
You can address the resources to the critical step of the flow
You can see both the material flow and information flow
You can bring the map on the shopfloor and everybody can modify it

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Even if the main pillar of Value Stream Mapping is "Pen and Sheet", it could be useful (later) to put the data in an VSM Software to do some calculation, store the map or share it worldwide.
For these purposes LeanLab created a simple tool.

Download the Demo of LeanLab VSM Visual Factory >

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